About Us

Our Company

isupermarket, a M & Z Solutions, Pvt Ltd. initiative is a conception of Maajid Ahmed and Mohammed Aneez. With every other product in the market just a tap away from your door-step, we thought why withhold the joy of purchasing everyday things online. Here in this web-store we have a resolute to exceed your expectations every time you check-in, from your regulars to specifics with regards to brand, product and variety, oh yes! Fruits and veggies are inclusive. We are determined to deliver in unfaltering excellence and quality. If you are a person that does not want to be kept puzzled about approximate delivery timings probably because of the schedules you might have, we took the liberty to design time slots from which you can choose the comfortable one. We consider you as the prime of our assets and that’s why we insist Save Time, Shop online.

Vision Statement

To provide a virtual supermarket, to consistently deliver and challenge the online shopping dimension.

About The Founders


An engineer by degree and a pure business man by spirit, he has almost half a decade of experience in advertising and marketing. Not long before it struck him, that people can beat killing time in counters finally by shopping online and there birthed the idea of a digital supermarket.


A strategist by his own merit, Aneez was assisting his father who is proprietor of a business. He has always aspired to become an entrepreneur of absolute class and avant-grade. It was his idea to bring fruits and veggies into the product listings, as they are the primary elements of good health they should be accessible at the comfort of ease.